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older single momHello

In case we haven’t met before, I am Shannon, a 44-year-old (mid-life) single “mommy” to a 6-year-old boy (Brayden) and a business owner.

Being a single mom to a younger child at my age comes with its own challenges and there are many times I look at my life through a window and wonder, “Is it only me?”

I decided to begin blogging because I know that my life isn’t typical and I am hoping to connect with others through inspiration, encouragement, and laughter. Please feel free to contact me at any time. I look forward to connecting with you.

My Story

How does this “mommy blog” differ from the millions of others? I am sure that there are others out there like mine, but I have yet to see one that relates to older single moms who have young children. At my age, I am finding friends who are already becoming grandparents or in more cases, have grown kids in high school or college. Finding friends is not too difficult for me but dating…ugh! It is a serious challenge for many reasons and I discuss this in further detail throughout my blog. In addition to being a mom and business owner, I also can party like a rock star. True story! I am not living the life I envisioned but I am making the best of it under the circumstances, and I am having one hell of an adventure.

I am self-employed doing online marketing, specifically SEO. A lot of people ask me how I became self-employed and how I fell into this. To keep my introduction short, check out my post on how I made this happen. Being self-employed gives me the freedom to be there for my son and the ability to make my dreams come true. I share custody of my son with his father which is also a challenge! More on that in another blog! (nothing is ever a short story). When I am not working and caring for my son, I am out and about making the best of my life whether that is spending time with friends, making bad decisions or going on a date. It’s an interesting ride and I look forward to sharing it with you!

My History

I never envisioned being a single mom.  However, my son was a shock but a huge blessing!  I was 37 and was dating someone with whom I had a long distance relationship for about a year.  I decided to rent out my house and move in with him and to make a long story short, I found out I was pregnant and once we moved in together, we really got to know one another.  He wound up being an alcoholic with some mental instabilities.  When I was five months pregnant, I moved back to my hometown and I found shortly thereafter, that he was pursuing other women.  I never looked back and we have since become civil for the sake of our son and get along for the most part.  I have been so busy being “mom” and starting my own business that I haven’t had too much time or interest in dating but I do have a lot of stories to tell for the few times that I was dating as a mom!

My Values

This is important for me to share so that there are no judgments.  I love my son more than anything in the world. He is a huge blessing and I wouldn’t change anything in the world. However, you will find, if you follow my blog, that I face many challenges…as we all do in our own way.  I will probably say things or talk about things that many others would not, in my confession posts. When I am not “mom”, I sometimes live the lifestyle of a person in their 20’s or 30’s. I also deal with some challenges with being “mom”.  I often ask myself if I was cut out to be a mom and so it may come off as unappreciative but that is not the case at all.  My son comes before anything and after that comes my business.  I have a good head on my shoulders and always put responsibilities first.  When I go out and have fun, I go heavy! lol  So don’t judge and if anything, hopefully, I will inspire you to find your own heavy fun!