Being Single and Happy

Yes! You Can Be Happy Being Single!

Single and happy are two words rarely used in the same sentence, unless of course, you’re single and actually happy. The fact of the matter is, there are many singles out there who actually enjoy every single moment. It all begins with the need to understand that there is a distinct difference between being single and being lonely. Most have the two phrases completely confused and therefore, go on thinking that if you’re not committed to a relationship, you spend all your time alone, wishing you had someone. Of course, most of those saying these things have no idea how to exist as a single person, but that’s an entirely different blog. For now, let’s just focus on being single and happy.

There are many things that people take for granted in life and as a single person, life offers a completely different perspective on value. The smallest experiences should be enjoyed and appreciated in life, especially when you’re single. In order to be truly happy in your relationship, you must be happy by yourself. Commit to making yourself happy by not letting “you” down. Let’s face it, if you can’t rely on yourself, no one else can either. You would be surprised at how many people actually envy your happiness and wonder how it’s possible when you’re single. It’s because you are living out every moment of your life to the fullest. If you have children, you can actually be a kid again by enjoying the things that make them happy. Play paintball, do a makeover with your little girl and the smiles on those faces is a sign that you are more than enough.

There are no rules to being single and happy but there are a few things you should avoid. Let’s start with the family gatherings that are often dreaded by singles because everyone wants to know if you’re dating someone or when you plan to get married. Don’t look for ways out of attending these festive affairs. Instead, make it an affair to remember by always bombarding them with pics of your most recent journey, your big project or tell them about your plans to travel the world before you’re married. Remember that you’re single by choice, not by chance and share this with those who always throw the “don’t you want someone” question your way. Remind them that when and if the time comes, the person you choose will definitely be in for something special, because you enjoy the happiness life brings and sharing it with someone else will be even greater. Avoid the negative comments by countering them with genuine happiness. Surround yourself with other women who are happy to be single and focus on your own happiness. Remember, there are some couples struggling to achieve happiness and you don’t want any part of that struggle. Live, love and enjoy…YOURSELF!

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I am an older single mom, business owner, and blogger. I enjoy connecting with like-minded people and hope to establish some great relationships with other older single moms with young children. Being a parent is a blessing no matter what age you are but being an older single mom, with a younger child, comes with its own unique challenges! Let’s embrace them together.

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