Dating When You Have Depression and Anxiety

There are a flood of emotions and feelings associated with dating and some can take a toll on relationships. Dating with depression and anxiety is a path that can lead in many directions but how it affects the relationship depends on the severity of the depression and anxiety. Let’s be clear, feelings of any type of depression should never go untreated, no matter how simple it may seem. Relationships can be overwhelming and dating sometimes seems even more stressful. Therefore, pay close attention to any unusual feelings that leave you feeling sad or depressed.

Make sure that if there are symptoms of depression and anxiety in your life, that it’s not a direct result of a toxic dating relationship. If you are dating someone that drains your happiness or brings no positive substance to your life, you’ll likely feel depressed or anxious. It’s equally important to realize that if you’re having these feelings outside of the dating platform, it can damage the potential for a long-lasting relationship. Dating with depression and anxiety should be avoided whenever possible. For the most part, take a break from dating and seek the necessary help to overcome these feelings before they evolve to something more.

It is normal for some singles to become so overwhelmed with thoughts of being lonely that they find themselves depressed or anxious to find that special someone. This is a big mistake and can often cause you to choose convenience over clarity in choice. You must be comfortable with being alone before you can consider yourself an asset to a relationship. The extreme concept of dealing with depression while dating is that not everyone you date will understand that you’re depressed and often leave without regard. This will only deepen your depression and cause you to sink further in despair.

Dating with depression and anxiety is possible for some people but it’s never a good idea to pursue any relationship without pursuing counseling for your feelings as well. Another perspective is dating someone who is dealing with issues of depression and how to proceed. In any case, always suggest they seek counseling and if you really want to salvage the relationship or a chance at one, perhaps you can attend couples counseling with them. There are many groups and specialists that can help deal with depression and once this is addressed, the feelings of anxiety seem to become more controlled.

This article was originally posted on Jan 2018

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