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single mom work from homeDo you want to find legitimate ways to make real money online?  I believe everyone does.  As a single mom who was very bored for a period of time, I decided to look into making some extra money online with a part-time job.  Those types of jobs are not always easy to come by and many of them are scams.  I am happy to report that I have a list of places that you can make a legit income online.  Most are part-time gigs and do not pay a whole lot, but it will give some of you single ladies something to do when you are bored.  If you want to start your own at home business, scroll down to find more information.

If you are good at writing, it is a demanding niche’ right now!  It may take a little bit to establish yourself but once you do, the people who are looking for good writers are endless.

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(Disclosure – to be honest, some of the links you find below are affiliate links)

InBox Dollars

Sign up today to receive $5 instantly!  With sites like these, I suggest creating an email specifically for the purpose of possibly receiving a lot of junk e-mail.  If you are like me, I can’t stand the constant spam e-mails and so I have created a separate e-mail.  At this site you will take surveys, play games, read e-mails, etc.  While the amounts are small, it adds up over time.  Click here to join or paste this URL into your address bar.

Cool Serial Numbers moms working from home This site is looking for currency with specific serial numbers.  Check out their want list.  You never know if you could get a “wanted” $1.00 in your pocket!  You do not have to sign up or join.  Just check out their list and contact them in the event you come across one of the serial numbers.


Foap is an application that you use to upload your pictures for cash.  Then Foap sells them online.  With that being said, they need to be quality photo’s that are worth purchasing and that you are okay with being spread around the net or being used for advertising.  I have not signed up for this service as of yet.  I would love to hear some feedback.


This site allows you to earn swagbucks that can be redeemed for gift cards.  Watch videos, read e-mails, do surveys and clip coupons.  You can refer a friend and earn 10% of the swagbucks they earn for life.  Please allow me to refer you by clicking here and earn 150 swagbucks immediately.  Or paste this URL in your address bar.

Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards Do you like to browse the net?  Why not do so to earn credits searching the web with Bing?  It is similar to a frequent flyer program. Redeem credits for popular gift cards.  You get 20 credits instantly after sign up.  Click here to sign up or past this URL in your address bar. &rrid=_fbe993a2-a008-1c7a-0637-34c976d6000a

SBK – Small Business Knowledge Center

Hate junk mail?  This site allows you to turn your junk mail into rewards! Sign up for free and they will send you a kit with directions.  Instead of throwing that mail away you are not only earning rewards you are also recycling.

Ipsos Panel

Take surveys and share your opinions to earn rewards.  It is as simple as that.  Ipsos is a global market research company that provides a fresh perspective on issues and trends of today.

Send Earnings

Sign up and receive $5 today!  This is a cash paid site.  Take surveys, accept offers, play games and search the web.

Harris Pole Online

As with some of the other sites listed, this is a survey site and you earn rewards towards gift cards.  You will receive 50 points just for signing up.

Media Insiders

Media Insiders is another survey site to earn points to redeem for cash, merchandise or to enter into sweepstakes.  This is geared more towards social media.  I believe this is geared more towards mobile users but you can use your computer as well.

User Testing

For this site, you need to find the link at the bottom of the page that is titled “we’re hiring”.  You sign up to be a tester and earn $10 for each test.  You will be completing tasks for people who are interested in having their site or apps checked out.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Complete HITS (human intelligence tasks) for cash.  These are small tasks that pay very little but are quick and will add up depending on how long you decide to work on them.  You will need to have an Amazon account and get signed up for an Amazon’s payment account.

Arise Virtual Solutions The following states are not eligible to participate (California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon or Wisconsin).  Since I am in one of them, I am unable to personally verify this site however, I received this site name from a reputable source.  This is a call center outsource company.  If you are willing to commit time from home in a quiet atmosphere, you may be able to make part-time money being a representative for a call center.

Search Engine Evaluator

The following companies are searching for part-time contractors to work from home with the following positions:

  • Leap Force:  Search Engine Evaluator
  • Lionbridge:  Social Media Assessor  Internet Assessor  Web Content Judge
  • Appen Butler Hill:  Social Media Evaluator  Web Search Evaluator

In order to work for the evaluator positions, you must be approved to go through the hiring process.  Once approved, you will have to pass some challenging tests.

guide to freelance writing from homeAdditional Sites Offering Work-From-Home Opportunities

Below is a list of other companies who are looking for contractual employees to work from home.  I have not worked with any of these companies as of yet.  PLEASE confirm that they are legit and good reputable companies BEFORE signing up.  If you ever see Free Trial…NEXT.  No company should ever charge you to work for them.  Ever!!!

Below you will find even more companies that are offering work from home opportunities. Be sure to do your research before signing up with these.  You may have to dig around on some of these sites to find at home opportunities.


  1. Upwork (Legitimate and I have found a lot of success. More to come on this!)
  2. Live Sales Staff
  3. American Journal Experts
  5. Deed
  6. Transcribe Me
  7. Xerox
  8. Assistant
  11. Cactus
  12. Crowd Source Communication (Now One Space)
  13. Virtual Vocations
  14. Sunlark Research
  15. JBS Court Research Services
  18. Paid Forum Posting
  19. Short
  22. (offers benefits)
  23. Leap Force
  24. Sykes
  25. TeleTech
  26. VIPdesk Connect
  27. iQor (offers benefits)

Do you want to sell your services?  Check out these opportunities:

  1. People Per Hour
  2. Fiverr
  3. Konker

Want to start your own at-home business?  It can be done and there are many affordable courses available.

  1. Legal transcription is a wide-open industry! Visit Transcribe Anywhere to learn more.
  2. Proofreading – check out Proofread Anywhere to learn more about this niche.  They offer a FREE introduction workshop.


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