Make the Best of Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is a Time of Great Expectations for Singles

Speaking with a group of friends the other day and the discussion of Valentine’s Day appeared out of nowhere. Of course, for those with significant others, this was a welcomed topic, as they were eager to talk about their expectations for the highly anticipated day of love. Unfortunately, for those without a love interest, the conversation was a constant reminder that life was not the box of chocolate that the month of February portrays it to be.

Many singles have a hard time coping during this time of year. Every corner of almost every store is filled with what many believe to be expressions of love and admiration that can only come from that special person. The primary reason that many find it so hard to get through the fussiness of Valentine’s Day is because of the stigma that society has placed on it. Let’s face it, you may be single and out of the dating loop, but Valentine’s Day is as much for you as it is for those in relationships. You may not feel that way now, but just keep reading.

As a little kid when Valentine’s Day was approaching, all the little boys and girls were anxious to find the cutest cards, candy and teddy bears to give to the little one they were crushing on. You must remember the cute little cards that read, “Will You Be My Valentine” or “You’re the Beat of My Heart”. These were simple gestures that made little kids feel the cuteness of being liked by someone other than their parents or teachers. It gave them a bubbly feeling. As single adults, the same applies and you just never know what V-Day has in store for you. Single doesn’t mean you have no one interested. In fact, Valentine’s Day is a time of expectancy for singles. You never know who will show up with flowers, candy, chocolate or a little note that asks you to be someone’s Valentines.

Singles are guilty of feeling less valuable or unlucky in love when they don’t have that special person to celebrate Valentine’s Day with and this is a major part of the problem. You would be surprised at the number of people that place online or call-in orders to have flowers or gifts delivered to themselves just to make others think they have that special someone. This is what society has people feeling they must do to make it through what is meant to be a day of displaying sweetness and kind gestures. Let’s be clear, it’s absolutely okay to buy yourself chocolates, perfume or even roses. In fact, it’s a perfect display of self-love. To understand the true meaning and feeling of being loved, it’s essential that you are capable of loving yourself first. But, never feel it necessary to make others think that someone else is displaying these acts of love. After all, no one will ever love you like you love yourself.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t shy away from the possibility of something sweet happening in your life. Chances are, someone out there has a desire to make you their Valentines, and if not this year, shower yourself with a little love until that someone out there gets it right!

This article was originally posted on February 2018

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