Mistakes Singles Should Avoid on Social Media

Single, dating, in a relationship or married, there is one thing that almost everyone in either of these categories has in common, they all use social media. For singles, this can be a blessing or a curse in some ways. There is one thing for certain, many people rely on social media for way too much and in many ways, it dictates their lives. Because of this, many singles seek the approval of social media for everything that’s going on in their lives. Now, here are a few ways to make sure you’re not giving in to the social media judge and jury.

Pitty Posts

It can be very tempting to post your true feelings as soon as you open your Facebook app. After all, it does ask what’s on your mind. Here’s a piece of advice. Don’t throw yourself a pity party because all of your friends are in relationships and have no time for you. This opens the door for anyone to attempt to leech on to you and pretend to care or want to spend time with you. They will see you as vulnerable and easy because you’re crying out for attention.

The Like Button

Sooooo! You have a little crush on one or more of your social media followers. That’s okay but remain in control of your feelings at all times. It’s okay to pursue your crush but be careful not to make them paranoid. This happens all too often, as singles proceed to click like on every post their crush has made in the past year. Yeah, that’s not a good look. It also raises a few eyebrows when you like a post or picture that was added a year or more ago. They will wonder, “who are you and who sent you” when this happens.

The Relationship Status

Facebook does have the option to hide this section of your profile. The trick is for you to hide it from your memory. One of the most crucial social media mistakes that singles make is changing their relationship status every few weeks. This not only confuses your followers, but it shows that you’re obviously confused about your status as well. Take some time to get to know you.

New Connections

This sounds a lot worse than it is but truly can ruin any chance at a second date. One of the biggest social media mistakes that singles make is connecting too soon on social media especially if you post often. It is very easy to make quick judgments from prior posts and photos.  Let someone get to know you first before opening your personal world to them.

keep dating off of social mediaHave you ever heard the saying that the best relationships are the ones kept off of Social Media?  If you are single, keep your personal relationships away from social media at least in the beginning but when you do fall in love, keep your problems and issues offline.




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