Surprising Online Dating Statistics

Online Dating Statistics

online dating statisticsOnline dating sites are the hotspot for singles these days and almost everyone who is anyone has a profile on at least one or more dating sites. It seems to be an easier process and with the busy cycle of life and love, who doesn’t want easy? Chances are, you’re currently, or at some point in the past, have been a member of a dating site. Think of all the feelings you had as you were adding your profile and next consider the outcome. Experiences on dating sites vary but there are several common factors and one of the most common is that almost everyone wants their perfect match to be their perfect mate.

Considering that the online dating platform has progressed just like technology, a lot of things have changed and more people are looking for love online. It’s no longer a socially awkward experience and you’re not desperate by taking this route but instead, you’re taking a leap of faith into your future. Here are a few online dating statistics you may want to consider before setting up or polishing your online profile.

 • More than one-third of singles consider or check out online dating communities – an increasing number of people who are searching for love give online dating a try. Approximately 40% of those who are single and on the market for a mate say that they use dating websites or apps to meet new people.

• Dating sites are growing at an enormous rate – there is an overwhelming number of sites out there and it can be overwhelming for those who don’t know where to start. There are reportedly approximately 2,500 dating sites in the U.S. alone and almost twice that worldwide.

• Love can cost you – They say that love don’t cost a thing but that depends heavily on which online dating sites you join. There are some free ones out there but 40% of the most popular ones present an annual charge for memberships.

• Online matches last longer – this is almost all the promise that most singles need to jump on board the online dating site. The increasing number of marriages that end in divorce these days makes you wonder about the likelihood of an online match lasting. Research reveals that 6% of people who marry an online mate will breakup compared to the almost 8% of those who break-up with the spouse they met offline.

• Scammers prey on online dating sites – this is true for both women and men but happens more often to unsuspecting and vulnerable women. There are romance scams that leave people scarred and afraid to try love found online. More than 60% of online dating scam reports involve women and more than half of those women are over the age of 40.

• Not all profiles are genuine – you would be surprised to learn that almost 40% of the people you chat with on a dating site aren’t who they pretend to be. Fake profiles are a cover for some scammers, while others create them as a way to attract certain types of people in hopes of carrying on an extended online relationship. If this happens to you, you’ve been catfished.

Online dating can be fun, exciting and rewarding in many cases but not everyone will find the perfect mate online. Don’t expect love to happen overnight, although it has for some, it may not be that way for you. Be careful and observant, but also be willing to give love a chance.
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