Midlife Single Mom Confessions – The Holidays

My Short Share About the Holidays and Being Single

It is the day after Christmas and I have to be honest in saying that I am so glad it is over!  I know there are many mixed opinions on this subject but for me, I find that I haven’t been enjoying the holidays over the past years.

being single during the holidaysI am fortunate to have a little guy who lights up my world and makes my Christmas even worthy of acknowledging the holiday. The excitement and joy are the best!  (although Elf on the Shelf is a pain in the ass!) However, on the other end of the spectrum, I get extremely lonely this time of year. I do not like the winter and I don’t like spending Christmas and New Years Eve alone.  Initially, it didn’t bother me but as I am aging and continuing to be single, it seems to get lonelier each year.

This year, I spent the morning with my son and we went to visit my sister. Then my son went with his dad for the rest of the day and I spent the rest of the day hanging out with my friends drinking a few adult beverages.  The thing that I try to remember is that it is only one day out of the year that has become so commercialized.  It is absolutely okay to be alone and happy during the holidays.  If I had to guess, there may be a lot of couples that we see together and think are happy, who would probably rather be single and save money!  There is always an advantage to being single!

Hoping everyone else enjoyed their holiday!

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I am an older single mom, business owner, and blogger. I enjoy connecting with like-minded people and hope to establish some great relationships with other older single moms with young children. Being a parent is a blessing no matter what age you are but being an older single mom, with a younger child, comes with its own unique challenges! Let’s embrace them together.

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