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Spend Time Alone Doing Something You Enjoy

As a single mom, you probably spend very little time alone. Depending on the age of your kids, a trip to the restroom alone can sometimes seem like a vacation itself. Sad but true. There are several issues that present themselves when singles consider going out on a date. Here is a thought that eliminates most of those issues, go out alone. It’s not as big of an issue or as strange as you may think. The opportunity to go out alone is a luxury that many couples or single parents wish they could enjoy.

In the process of becoming comfortable with being out alone, you must exercise precaution. Here are a few tips to help you become comfortable with going out and enjoying some time alone.

Afternoon Outings

If you feel more comfortable going out during the day, check out an afternoon movie, enjoy lunch at your favorite restaurant or go to a museum if you’d like. Keep in mind that during the day, not many people are at the movies, museums or skating. This allows you time to enjoy what you’re seeing or doing, without worrying about who is noticing you.

Take a Tour

Drive to a nearby town for a tour or perhaps consider doing so in the town which you live. There may be things that you haven’t seen or even know exists but could learn more about with a guided tour. This is a great stress reliever and another way to just enjoy time alone, outside of your normal element.

Plan an Overnight Stay

If you’re thinking this is too much, you’re wrong. This is a great way to learn to enjoy time alone. Make reservations at a favorite hotel for a night or a weekend. There are great deals on Groupon if you want to keep it within the budget. This can be one of the most relaxing and rewarding nights or weekends of your life. For once, you don’t have to pick up after others, prepare meals for others or put anyone to bed but yourself. This should be an occasion that is all about you. If available, order room service or delivery lay in bed and indulge. You may even find it comforting to enjoy a glass of your favorite wine. The biggest reward is that you will feel a sense of relaxation once your night or weekend is over.

Planning to go out to dinner or a getaway for yourself will eventually become the norm once you do it a few times. To be the best parent, you must feel your best. It is necessary to step away and reset at times. You remove yourself from what is familiar. Family, friends, children, work and other things that are a part of your daily life will be okay for the few hours that you are away. The best person in the world for you to get to know is yourself and as single moms, sometimes we lose sight of who we are in life. Spend a little time alone to get back to simply being you.

This article was originally posted on Midlife Single Mommy February 2018

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